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Our Escape Rooms

Warning highly addictive


You will be entering the offices of Claude Von Dom, a notorious diamond thief. …..


You will be entering the house of a retired magicians assistant, who goes by…..


This room has proved to be very challenging for our escapees. The majority of the puzzles are hands on skill based puzzles which helps some and hinders others.


This room has been carefully designed and is the room we would recommend for our most avid escape room fans. It is our most challenging room yet with lots of exciting twists.

How It Works

Our rules are simple, escaping from our rooms isn’t.


Not everything is how it seems; some things are not visible to the untrained eye.


It’s not about being clever, it’s about thinking smart, using logic and common sense.


Using your skills, as part of a team, to solve the puzzles and tasks ahead of you.


Help your team escape within the hour, before the timer reaches zero.

Trip Advisor Reviews

See what our customers say about us
  •   We had booked two separate parties, one for 12 year olds, the other for 9 year olds. In line with current guidelines, we arrived as two separate parties. ... read more


      Thank you for such a fun evening, took our nieces (11yo) for their first one, we did the hardest one! Ops! Thankfully staff had a few clues for us and... read more


      Great hospitality and welcome here. The game was pure fun. We all enjoyed it so much and will return very soon. Great for everyone!

  •   We did Sleight of Hand and Magnesis, enjoyed both but Sleight of Hand was particularly fun! Really lovely and accommodating staff and had loads of fun. Thank you!

    Anakha N

      What a fab experience lovely service Really pushes the mind great for my 12 year old very very good will be back again


      Visited with hubby and daughter 9yr had a great time battling Edgar , we escaped ! This brought back great memories as this was our first escape room we completed... read more

  •   We were looking for some new escape rooms to try out as a team of 6 (inc. 3 newbies) and decided to try the Sleight of Hand room. What I... read more


      Completed the Diamind heist with 2 seconds to spare and a few hints. Fantastic place and really friendly staff. Worth a visit again.


      Did the new room today, Edgar the explorer. Fab room, one of the best rooms we have done. Loved it!!

  •   The ‘Millennium Falcons’ are still buzzing from the EXPERIENCE that was Edgar the Explorer. We’ve “completed” all of the other three rooms, (although technically we’re still locked in the... read more


      Omg I can’t even put into words amazing our experience was in the new room! I still feel absolutely buzzing! It is sooooooo good! Massively recommend it to anyone! The... read more


      Yet again our hosts were brilliant, setting the scene before entering. I wont give anything away but it was amazing, like being in the film Indiana Jones. I have been... read more


Our Latest PUZZLERs

Check out the latest teams to take on our escape rooms.


Some of the most popular questions we are asked.

What is an escape room?

Essentially it is a live game. You and your team will enter a themed room. As the door shuts behind you, the clock will start. You have sixty minutes to work together to find all the clues, solve the puzzles and crack codes, in order to progress through the game and escape the room. Do you have what it takes?

Who is an escape room for?

Visitors, families, corporate groups, friends, celebrations, hen and stag parties, birthdays, anyone who wants to have fun.

Accessibility and special requirements?

Our building has three steps up to the entrance door, with handrails both sides. We have portable ramps for wheelchair users to gain access to the building. Once inside the building, it is all on one level and there is ample space for wheelchair users in our rooms. Our toilet facilities can also cater for a wheelchair, as there is sufficient space. We do ask that if there is a wheelchair user in your group, you tell us in advance, so we can be ready to assist when you arrive.

I suffer from claustrophobia. Is this for me?

Absolutely. We have had team members in our rooms that have told us they are claustrophobic. Once in the room they have become so focussed on the game, that it is not an issue for them. Our rooms have plenty of space to move around in. Our doors are only locked for the purpose of the game. Your games master will be watching and listening to your team, for the duration of the game, so if you wish to come out at any time, just ask and the door will be opened for you. All our rooms are equipped with an emergency door release.

What ages can play?

We like to think our rooms are suitable for almost everyone and we are happy to work around your needs to ensure you have a great experience. The youngest member of a team, who has contributed to a game, has been 8 years old and the oldest has been 84. Children under the age of 8, as part of family groups, love searching and helping adults find clues. We do advise that children under the age of 14 are accompanied by an adult, as our rooms will be difficult to do on their own.

How many team members can play in a room?

Our rooms can have between 2-7 players. Some teams prefer to come as part of large groups and others prefer to come as couples. The choice is yours.

Do i need special clothing?

No special clothing is required for our rooms. If you wear glasses for reading we advise that you bring them along with you.

Can you cater for larger groups?

Absolutely. We can run all three of our rooms at the same time, up to 21 people. This is great for team building, family groups, stag and hen dos and celebrations. To organise this, please call us on 07564 499494.

What are your opening hours?

We are open seven days a week. Our first booking is at 10am, and our last is at 8:30pm.

last minute bookings

We do have late availability from time to time. Please call us on 07564 499494.

Is there anything scary in the room?

No, there is nothing scary in our rooms and nothing will jump out at you. We personally do not enjoy scary things, so we would not put you through that either. Rest assured, you will be able to go into our rooms and focus on the task in hand; an escape!

Is there parking?

We do not have our own car park. There is a large free car park behind the Cherry Tree pub, which is near the war memorial. There are no time restrictions there. In Church Street, there are a few spaces that can be used for disabled badge holders. On Sundays there is free parking, without time restrictions, in the centre of Dereham.

What would I expect from my escape room experience?

When you arrive, 10-15 minutes before your allotted booking time, you will be met by your friendly games master. You will sit down for a short briefing, where you will be informed of a few housekeeping rules and maybe even a few helpful tips. You and your team will enter your chosen room, the door shuts and you are off. Your games master will be watching and listening to you in the room at all times, in order to help you through the game with some handy clues if you get a bit stuck. Hopefully you will find all the clues to help you escape, before the time runs out, and you will come out yelling and cheering. If you do not quite manage to escape, we will come and let you out when the hour is up.

Can i buy a gift voucher?

Yes we have gift vouchers, please click here to purchase.

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