Escape the ordinary

Diamond Hunt

We believe Claude Von Dom a notorious diamond smuggler has stolen our very large diamond The Star Of Africa. It is your mission to enter his office to retrieve our diamond, you have one hour.

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Sleight of Hand

You are working for a criminal mastermind. It has been rumoured that a magicians assistant by the name of Disco Dom has a priceless artifact in her possession and its your job to steal it. As you enter the house the door closes behind you and a countdown starts; you have 1 hour to retrieve the artifact and get out before you get caught.

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The area you will be entering contains strong magnetic fields. You will need to combine your skills, use magnetism to your advantage and repel all the obstacles in your path in order to attract an escape.

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You will need to

  • Challenge Your Mind
  • Notice Every Detail
  • Solve Puzzles
  • Decipher Codes
  • Open Locks
  • Escape in 60 Minutes

Team Work

  • How well do you communicate?
  • Put it to the test
  • You will need to work together
  • Could your team make it to the leaderboard?

Will You Escape?

  • Do you have what it takes?
  • Or will you be puzzled?
  • 3600 seconds
  • Every second counts
  • Your enemy is time